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ABH Riviera swatches on tan skin : MakeupAddiction

Hi everyone! I got my ABH Riviera palette in the mail today. Here, I have a quick eye look look and first thoughts. For reference, I’m NC42.

Cotton Candy Look

transition – Monte Carlo

crease – Bahamas & Cannes

lid – Seychelles (applied dry with finger)

inner corner – Sails

lower lashline – Monte Carlo, Bahamas & Cannes, Marc Jacobs Highliner in Whirl(pool) (eyeliner could easily be substituted with Seychelles)

everything else – Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define in C11, Milk Makeup setting powder in Medium, ABH Dipbrow in Ebony, Milk Makeup Kush Brow in clear, Urban Decay Perversion mascara


I tried doing a second neutral look to show the palette’s versatility but was not happy with the outcome of the look. (I used Yacht, Inheritance, Cabana & Palm). The matte brown, Palm, applied patchily on me and was hard to blend out. Cabana, the mustard yellow, blended right into my skin but left an ugly grey undertone. I’ve had better luck with Melt Gemini’s Lorelei and Lime Crime Venus II’s Mustard.

The standout matte shades, Bahamas and Cannes, have a good formulation. I personally didn’t experience any fallout when applying by tapping then blending. My problem with these shades is that I have them in a formula that, to me, blends better and is more pigmented than ABH (gasp!). The palette is Pinky Rose Bright Lights – much more affordable at $25 plus shipping. I’d recommend that palette over Riviera if you are interested in the bright mattes, and also just in general.

The matte white, Sails, doesn’t swatch well but applies well. I rarely use matte whites so this shade is a pretty big miss for me. I did like it in my eye look as a matte highlight, which I can see its use there, but otherwise it’s not a staple shade for someone of my skin tone.

Monte Carlo (mid-tone pink) on me just looks like Bahamas applied with a light hand. And Coastline (pastel peach) looks like Monte Carlo applied lightly. Estate (pastel peachy pink) is an okay lid-setting shade. While Coastline and Estate apply differently, blended out are nearly the same and feel redundant.


Yacht (brown gold, but ABH calls it “mauvy taupe with a violet shift” ….okaaaay) and Inheritance (true gold) are quite similar on the eye once applied. While Inheritance is brighter, on my skin tone it doesn’t stand out next to Yacht. Maybe alone it’d do better. I do like the duochrome-type colors Seaside (taupe-grey slight purple) and Mediterranean (dirty silver blue). However, I feel they are dupable. Palermo (jewel pink) needed some extra oomph, be it more sparkles or wet application. Also…no classic light highlight shimmer shade?! I feel attacked.

I had no fallout with dry finger application, so I’d expect a wet finger or brush would hold up just the same. With shimmers, I personally go in with my finger first then use a brush to get in the nooks and crannies and blend.

ETA: If you have Tarte’s Make Believe In Yourself, you’ll find some sort of close replacements for the shimmers in Riviera. Especially if you mix one of the silvers with the blue or purple, you get pretty close to some of Riviera’s duochromes.

I’m honestly not really a fan of this palette. It’s trying to do too much I feel. I see where it was going, but I think it could have benefited with a less divergent color story. The formula seems par for ABH barring Palm. And it swatches just fine.

From the packaging, I envisioned a pumped-up version of Natasha Denona’s Gold palette. Personally, this doesn’t cut it for ABH’s color they keep promising. There are nice complements of mattes to shimmers, such as Cannes & Mediterranean, Bahamas & Palermo, Yacht & Palm. But I feel they are predictable shade matches.

I can appreciate the mix of neutral and fun colors for convenience. However, with the similarity of multiple shades and the dupability of many, I don’t find it a must-have.

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