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Quiz: Which Illuminating Product Are You?

The winter season can wreak havoc on your skin. From dry patches to dullness, we wouldn’t blame you if you said this was your least favorite season. Luckily, Glo can get you out of your skin slump with four amazing products for radiant skin and illuminated beauty. Ready to find out which one best suits you? Take our quiz below!

  1. How does your skin react when it gets colder?
    • A: Noticeably drier than in other months
    • B: A little dry but still manageable
    • C: Still oily, regardless of the season
    • D: SO, SO DRY
  2. How long are you willing to spend on your beauty routine?
    • A: 5 minutes
    • B: 10 minutes
    • C: 20 minutes
    • D: As long as necessary
  3. What’s your go-to winter accessory?
    • A: Wool Scarf
    • B: Ear Muffs
    • C: Puffer Coat
    • D: Boots
  4. Who is your favorite musical artist?
    • A: Bruno Mars
    • B: Celine Dion
    • C: Lady Gaga
    • D: Adele
  5. Choose a nail polish shade
    • A: Bare
    • B: Light Pink
    • C: Deep Red
    • D: Black

Mostly As

You’re Hydra Radiance Moisturizer! You really don’t have any spare time in the mornings but you wouldn’t mind being a little more hydrated and glowing. A moisturizing highlighter is just what the doctor ordered.

Mostly Bs

You’re Illuminating Primer! You crave a traditional highlight, not too over the top but enough to be noticeable. One extra step is worth it in the mornings for your signature subtle glow.

Mostly Cs

You’re Shimmer Brick! You’re bright and shining and stand out from the crowd. You love getting ready for your day (or night) and think of yourself as an artist when it comes time to apply makeup.

Mostly Ds

You’re Restorative Mask! You’re Restorative Mask! You’re refined, chic and a little intense but you pull it off well! You’re not afraid to put in the extra effort because you know you’ll see longterm results, not to mention you love the alone time.

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