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The Best Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skincare Products for Hormonal and Acne-

Not many skincare companies can claim that their products are filled with purely holistic, organic and raw ingredients. Dr. Alkaitis is one of them—and it transforms skin with nourishing, high quality products that feed your complexion from the outside in.

The line only uses 100% bio-organic ingredients, because they believe that if you cannot eat your skincare, then it doesn’t belong on your body. And since we know now that whatever we place on our body, hair, skin nails, is absorbed into our bloodstreams within 26 seconds, putting truly pure ingredients on our skin is important!

As your resident Beauty Expert and being a holistic esthetician myself, I truly stand behind this company. It’s effective for all skin types, especially those struggling with hormonal skin concerns and those who are acne-blemish prone. That’s why I’m sharing three of my Dr. Alkaitis picks for hormonal and acneic skin.

Hormonal skin concerns can happen at any time in our lives. Whether it’s teen hormone changes, pregnancy, menopause or something in between, our skin needs special attention and to be fed the right nutrient-dense products to bring it back into balance.


Organic Ageless Elixir 

This is one of Dr. Alkaitis’ newest products and I am so excited about this holistic and Ayurvedic concoction of pure herbal bliss! The Ageless Elixir is wonderful for all skin types, especially those needing to find balance again. It is chock full of richly healing ingredients.

The oil-based compound is made up of some of the world’s finest plant ingredients, some of which many of us might not have heard of before. One is the Andiroba seed, which is derived from a South American tree that is a safe ingredient to use during pregnancy! It calms acne and reduces pimples, yet tackles wrinkles and replenishes dry or dehydrated skin! Talk about a power-packed ingredient.

And that’s only one ingredient that makes up this lovely, powerful elixir. Other oils included in the blend are Sacha Inchi, which has been proven to help those with psoriasis and other inflamed skin conditions. Buriti fruit oil tightens and firms skin. Pequi oil is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants; it improves scars and hyperpigmentation, prevents blemishes, prevents premature aging and can even help treat eczema.

I have barely begun to scratch the surface of the Ageless Elixir! But let’s leave some room to talk about the organic herbal complex. Shatavari is an Ayurvedic tonic that comes from a type of asparagus that works like magic on hormone-related acne. It soothes, restores and balances.

Ashwagandha is a widely used healing tonic that is known as Indian Ginseng. It corrects hormonal imbalance, calms the skin and reduces acne. It is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and heals skin wounds.

Amalaki, also known as Indian Gooseberry, comes from an edible berry. It not only fights acne but is also highly anti-aging and brightens skin complexions. And it doesn’t stop there: The herbal complex is made of many more potent ingredients designed to help skin regain balance and heal. Some of the other herbs include red sage, tulsi, turmeric, gotu kola, seabuckthorn and rosehips.  

Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

The Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil varies greatly from the Ageless Elixir as it is designed for not only the face but also for the body and hair. It can even be used as a wonderfully healing massage oil to soothe muscle and joint ailments. Like all Dr. Alkaitis products, it is a combination of holistic, raw and organic ingredients from all over the world. Plus, its Ayurvedic herbs target other skin conditions.

The Nourishing Treatment oil is wonderful to use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. For best results, anyone can apply to damp skin all over the body after a bath or shower for deeply nourished and moisturized skin. Dr Alkaitis suggests using this as a conditioning hair treatment: Massage the oil into the hair and scalp and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse and wash!

This oil-based treatment for your body is comprised of oils for sensitive skin and body types. Rosehip oil derived from the Andes is rich in omegas, antioxidants and will deeply moisturize and prevent early signs of aging. St John’s wort oil firms, tones and hydrates all skin types. It is incredibly calming and soothing to the skin as well! Any bruises, cuts or skin conditions are rewarded by this calming blend of oils.

Herbs found in the Nourishing Treatment Oil are Ashwandagha (again!), and licorice root, which is healing to sensitive skin, while treating dark spots and skin discoloration. Indian Matter is another potent agent in this oil. It actually helps with cellulite! It naturally works with our lymphatic system to detox the body. Bloating and excess toxins are removed from tissues and it can help with dry skin, rashes, blemishes and much more!

Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask

This is such a fun product from Dr. Alkaitis! In fact all of their masks, in my opinion, are fun. You get to be a bit creative with your mask regimen. I say fun because the Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is raw, unrefined and in powder form so you need to activate the mask to harness its dynamic powers!

To use, make a paste out of a little water or use Dr. Alkaitis’ Toner or Soothing Gel (just a couple pumps will do). You can even add in a bit of raw honey and/or organic yogurt to the mix. Leave the mask on cleansed skin for 7 minutes and keep the mask moist by spritzing water. It is important for the mask to stay moist so the ingredients stay active.

The Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is designed for all skin types. It will naturally brighten your skin tone, smooth fine lines and remove dead skin cells for imperative cell turnover which keeps skin looking young and healthy. Other products such as serums, facial oils and moisturizers can better penetrate exfoliated skin for optimal product use and benefits! Skin is left brighter, tighter and deeply nourished and fed by the skin food ingredients.

The Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is rich in antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients. Bilberry, grape, strawberry and blueberry are the super antioxidants. Barley grass is a phytonutrient plant that has chlorophyll, iron and vitamin B, which renews and regenerates skin cells which gives you that healthy, youthful glow!

Cats claw is another powerhouse ingredient as it repairs DNA damage to the skin. That means it can reverse skin aging. The exfoliating ingredients in the mask include a wide array of enzymes derived from plants such as papaya, pineapple and even probiotics.

As you can see, Dr. Alkaitis has delivered some of the best ingredients from around the world, harnessed into products that are sure to nourish and feed your skin. Organic, raw, pure and holistic—what more could we want for balanced, healthy skin? Look no further than Dr. Alkaitis to provide harmony for skin from head to toe!

Eco Diva loves you and loves hearing from you. Please drop a line for any beauty or skincare questions. Until next time, Divas!

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