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Happy Monday! It’s been a while my friends, but we have been under a fog of life, I am hoping to pick up on blogging again. 

I was sent a Zerowater water purifying jug (12 cup version £39.99 – other sizes are available) to try about 7 weeks ago.  We normally use a Brita water filter because the cartridges are cheap and easy to get hold of and it just helps remove the ‘tap-ness’ of tap water.  

Zerowater is supposed to be way more advanced – water goes through 5 stages and it is supposed to remove 99.6% of TDS (total dissolved solids) whereas Brita will take about half. 

Zero Water Jug review

I recently went off fizzy water so purified water and some slices of lemon is my bag. It is more economical to filter the water than to buy endless bottles of mineral water that have been in plastic bottles for god knows how long. 

Thoughts on the physical bottle. It’s really big and very heavy – I actually wondered if when filled up with liquid it would be too heavy for my fridge shelf.  It isn’t but I do keep wondering if one day I will open it and it will fall on my head. 

The filter looks like this – unlike with Brita, there are no cheap alternatives so you have to buy from them and it’s not cheap £20 per filter which needs to be changed monthly.  Yep – its expensive. I have to say though, I have had mine in for over 4 weeks and it’s been fine so until I notice the water tasting ‘off’ I won’t rush to buy another. 

Zero Water Jug review 1

The water from this jug tastes…of nothing. Nothing. Maybe this is what pure water is like. There’s no taste at all, it’s a big odd but there you go. It’s perfectly nice but also tastes of nothing. There’s a cool tool on the top of the jug which you can use to check the purity of the water. I had fun checking tap water, boiled, Brita water and yes, they all had a higher score than Zero water which was a 0. Tap water was around 100 where I am, Brita and boiled were the same at around 60. 

How long will my filter last ZeroWaterUK

This cool thing at the back means you can not move the jug from the fridge but just press it to get the water out. My husband uses this but I don’t because the flow is far too slow and I can’t just press it without holding the hold jug. In the end I just end up pouring which leads me to another bug bear.  The spout is quite wide and whenever I pour I always spill some, almost every time.

Zero Water Jug review 2

Despite this, this is a super clever water jug and since we are supposed to drink 8 glasses a day its a worthy investment. It does taste purer than Brita but it’s more expensive to run, so it totally depends on your personal budget. £20 a month for a filter will of course add up. 

Will I buy another filter – I think I will. I am enjoying the idea of a water jug with nearly 0 materials in it although if it gets to costly, I still have my Brita somewhere!


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