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10 Best Fashion Instagrams To Follow For OOTD Inspiration

How do you decide what to wear every morning? Usually, it depends on what you have going for the day but do you just pick what you see first? Or do you have a vision in your head of what you want to wear for that day?  Instagram is one of the best and easiest places to find outfit inspo. With school coming up, you’ll want a healthy dose of outfit inspo because doesn’t everyone try to look cute on the first day?

Here’s the best fashion accounts to follow on Instagram for everything from day to day outfits, cute workout wear and good, going out looks!


Hollie’s account is good for inspo because she makes outfits with clothes that typically everyone will already have in their closets! Think lots of jeans, cardigans, easy blouses, t-shirts, and booties.  You don’t always have to go out and get new clothes to look cute!


Abby’s account is so good if you’re looking for some casual outfit ideas. She’s always casual and her outfits are always wearable, attainable and great for day to day. She’s always in denim or leggings outfits so her looks are generally really easy to recreate. She also does cute athleisure outfits, think Nike leggings and Patagonia sweaters, which is a perfect outfit to wear to class.



Danielle is a college and fashion YouTuber so you get a real dose of college fashion from her IG. She likes jeans, slip-on sneakers and t-shirts so think perfect for every day, college outfits!


If you’re a little more boho or even edgy, you’ll love Claudia’s outfits! She sticks with basics with a twist — think jeans and a t-shirt with a cabby hat. She also has a great mix of casual outfits and going out outfits so she’ll give you all types of inspiration!


If you love throwing on a girly dress, you need to follow, Sophie! She does the most amazing feminine outfits with an edgy, trendy sort of twist.



Haley from @thesaltyblonde is one of the best for outfit ideas! Think mini dresses with Vans, vintage tees with cutoffs. She lives in Hawaii so she’s always casual and beachy with great accessories and cute bathing suits.


Arielle of Something Navy actually started off her blog years back to find herself again after a breakup!  She’s a New Yorker with a good combo of dressy outfits along with casual, day to day outfits. Think jeans and blouse with awesome shoes or an easy summer dress and cute sunnies!


Becky from Cellajane does good neutrals, everyday outfits along with a dose of cute workout wear! Her outfits will look good for any occasion!


Lauren is always trendy, edgy and has a good dose of casual and going out outfits!


Negin first off has the best hair and her outfits are just as good! I love her outfits because they’re not what everyone else is wearing!

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