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Hautelinks: A Disney Princess Shopping Quiz, Light & Easy Dinner Ideas, & More


Fashionista lists the hottest trends from the Fall 2019 Paris runways.

And here’s a great piece on the return of the 1970s. They will forever be in as far as I’m concerned.

Buying your way to the front row could be the future of fashion. Honestly, this has already been happening for years, might as well make the option publicly available.

A must-read for any college student: The high cost of textbooks, explained, via Vox.

And speaking of college, unless you were living under a rock this week, you saw the news about the college admissions scandal involving celebrities. Some other celebs spoke out about the scandal on social media.

Related: An admissions officer explains why this type of thing isn’t at all uncommon.

What were the fashion trends the year you were born? Insider has a full list.

Troye Sivan just debuted his first beauty campaign for Glossier Play.

Why stop at your apartment? Apparently you can Marie Kondo your Instagram account.

</3 </3 Riverdale dedicates their new episodes to Luke Perry.

Refinery29 asked people with clean houses for their best tidying tips.

Quiz time! Buy some things at H&M and find out which Disney princess matches your personality.

One more: Choose some Korean skincare and find out who your K-Pop boyfriend is.

Bath & Body Works just dropped its summer collection and if you like all things coconut, check it out IMMEDIATELY.

The Everygirl lists some light and healthy dinner ideas for this week.

Yikes. The FDA just confirmed the presence of asbestos in makeup from Claire’s.

Legendary: The Queen just shared her first Instagram post and the world will never be the same.

WWD talks about the millennial obsession with nostalgic fashion and hits the nail on the head (also I want everything).

Loved the trailer for Late Night, a new film starring Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling.

NASA says the first person on Mars is “likely to be a woman.”

New York City is getting four more statues of remarkable women.

Loved this piece from Man Repeller on settling into your “adult style.”

OMG, Baby Phat is coming back this summer and I’m so excited!

Mark your calendars: Target is having a massive 14-day beauty sale on tons and tons of products!

Here’s how to wear the beige trend without looking boring.

Lush has a TON of new bath bombs coming out and obviously we want to try them all.

Nikita Dragun has launched her own makeup brand!

Refinery29 lists the best small space furniture finds under $50, if your place needs sprucing up.

Model Olivia Anakwe Calls Out Hairstylists Who Can’t Do Black Hair at Fashion Shows.

Can you guess what the healthiest countries in the world are? I definitely didn’t predict these!

Here’s a great piece on influential women you’ve never heard of.

And finally… snow!!!

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