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How to De-Sweat Your Hair After a Workout

If you’re like me and workout almost every day then you likely know the struggle of “to wash my hair, or to not wash my hair? That is the question.”

I work out 5-6 times weekly. I either do my Bodyboss Method workout at home, or I hit up the gym and do my 20/20/20/20 workout (20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 on the treadmill, 20 on bike, and 20 minutes of muscle focus and stretching) – they are all high cardio, high-intensity workouts – so I get pretty sweaty during my workouts.

For a time, I did wash my hair after each and every workout, but I quickly realized that it was drying out my hair and also – that I didn’t really have time to wash, blow-dry, and style my hair every single day. I have long hair – that’s a huge time commitment!

How to De-Sweat Your Hair After a Workout

Rather than wash my hair now after each workout, I instead rinse off (keeping my hair up and away from the water) and then, once I am out of the shower, I use a spray bottle full of water to spritz the roots of my hair. I simply just purchased a spray bottle at the dollar store, but you can use an empty bottle you have at home (just be sure to rinse it out thoroughly before using it) and then filled it with water. **I actually had a super cute hair-specific spray bottle before, but somehow we lost it in our 700 SQFT apartment – I know, I don’t know how that even happens.

Once I’ve doused the roots of my hair, I then use a towel to squeeze the roots my hair to remove any excess water. I never like to blow dry my hair when it’s super wet, so even when I wash all my hair, I usually wait an hour or so before I go in with my blow dryer. The reason I like to wait until my hair is semi-dry is to avoid some of the heat damage caused by blow drying.

Once my roots are semi-dry, I blow dry them. Since I haven’t wet my entire head, this only takes about 5 minutes, and then I am all good to go. Easy peasy!

If I feel like my hair is still laying a bit flat then I’ll go ahead and add in a bit of dry shampoo. The Drybar Dry Shampoo has been my go-to dry shampoo for the last few years. It works great, and it gives your roots a bit of lift which I love.

After that, I’ll often add in some of my favourite texturizing spray. I discovered the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray last year, and since then it’s been one of top go-to hair products. It adds texture and volume to my hair without leaving it feeling sticky or heavy.

Now, I still fully wash my hair a couple times a week, but this easy de-sweat post-workout haircare routine really cuts down on the amount of time I spend on my hair each day, it reduces damage and breakage to my (already weak) hair, and it allows me to maintain my workout routine without it feeling like a 2 – 4 hour commitment.

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