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New Obsessions: Smashbox Cosmetics | Vancouver Beauty and Style Blog

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For years now, I’ve been obsessed with Smashbox Cosmetics. I have always loved their products, specifically, their Spotlight Palette[s] (in both Pearl and Gold), their liquid lip in “In Demand”, and recently the Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter in Gilded Rose has stolen my heart. Recently though I was given a few more Smashbox items and I cannot even believe how much I adore them.

I had the joy of attending a Smashbox Event at Shoppers Drugmart (the Kensington, Burnaby location) where I got a makeover by the incredible Nicole (if you get your makeup done there – be sure to ask for her!) and learned a bit more about Smashbox products.

I love the team at this Shopper’s location, they are all so friendly and so informative – huge thank you to Suzanne, Nicole, and the full Shopper’s Drug Mart team for inviting me to this wonderful event!

New Favourites from Smashbox

Smashbox Primer Oil

I’ve never met a Smashbox primer I didn’t like, and the Smashbox Primer Oil is no exception. I was a little nervous about this primer as it is an oil and while I have dry skin, I thought an oil may feel heavy or cause my foundation to break-up on my skin. When applied though, it really blends out and loses that “oily” feel quite quickly. It’s hydrating without feeling slick or greasy.

So far, this primer has worked under all the foundations I’ve tried with it (which includes the Charlotte Tilbury Light Glow Foundation, Too Faced Born this Way Foundation, and the Maybelline Superstay Foundation) but I am going to continue to test it out.

Smashbox Ablaze Palette

The Smashbox Ablaze Palette is a great go-to for those of you who love warm-toned eyeshadows. I tend to go for warm tones for my daily looks, so this palette has slipped its way into being one of my most used and most practical palettes these last few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely already know as well that this was the ONLY palette I packed for my friend’s wedding recently – which is really saying something. Usually, for special occasions, I pack 2-3 palettes (you know, just in case) but this time, I felt confident just bringing along this one super beautiful palette.

Smashbox Lipsticks: Vino Noir and Stay Neutral

I’ve always loved Smashbox’s liquid lipstick. While the formula can be slightly drying, when applied the liquid lipstick is quite thin which makes it feel very comfortable on your lips – this also makes it easier to reapply when the lipstick begins to break up.

The colour Vino Noir has really been inspiring me lately, and it’s been a colour I’ve been turning to a lot lately as I begin to create more fall makeup looks. Stay Neutral is more of an easy go-to / daily wear lipstick colour. It is more of a brown-toned nude shade which I think is really beautiful during the fall.

Smashbox X Vlada Shimmer Drops

Honestly, when I first began to play with these drops, I wasn’t sure if I loved them or hated them. It’s a really unique product and I don’t think it’s a product everyone will love. These Vlada Shimmer Drops are extremely watery and are super glittery (a mix of pink, silver, and peach) – so if you don’t like obvious glitter then steer clear of this product. I have only worn this on my cheeks, but apparently, you can also use this product over lipstick and on your eyelids. I personally like this when I mix it with a highlighter to create a really bright and sparkly highlight on my cheeks.

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