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Suva Beauty Saffron Collection Review

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I recently was sent Suva Beauty’s new Saffron Collection and I was immediately excited to try it out. I love warm palettes like this, and the shades in this palette really inspired me to create new looks.

This whole collection is beautiful upon first glance, but it’s even more stunning when you begin to actually work with the shadows, hydraliners, and lipsticks.

The Story Behind the Collection:

“The Saffron Collection is inspired by the colourful Fijian childhood of SUVA Beauty’s Founder and CEO Shaina Azad: enormous family gatherings every week, chai time with aunties (who always spilled the tea) and being the headlining gossip in a family that extends as far as your sister’s best friend’s grandmother’s daughter-in-law. (Remember that time you wore a skirt half an inch above your knee and the whole community heard about it. Yeah, things like that.)

These memories became the inspiration for the Indian shade names (in Hindi) and the colour story for the collection.

“I’m excited for our audience to fall in love with this collection. From the beautiful formulas, we have worked tirelessly on, to feeling a connection to the story behind the products. I hope it engages people to talk about their upbringing in a fun and nostalgic way” says Shaina Azad

Find more information on the Saffron CollectionSaffron Collection here.

Suva Beauty Saffron Palette ($35)

This palette is an excellent stand-alone palette. The colours in this palette can be mixed and matched to create tons of different looks which is why it’s such a great go-to palette. But, it’s also a palette that if you did choose to pair it with another palette (specifically one with a brighter highlight shade or deeper crease shades) then you’d have endless look options.

All nine shades are absolutely stunning. Coriander is a soft warm champagne tone. Saffron is a warm rust-toned shimmer that applies beautifully and builds up easily. This shade can easily be made to look more intense by applying it with a wet brush. Cinnamon is a warm red-brown that blends out beautifully and is really buildable. Paprika is a rich red-toned shadow. It applies bold and pigmented. Turmeric is a deep golden tone that is best applied with a wet brush, it’s bold and beautiful and is a gorgeous eye-lid shade. Ginger is a softer satin-matte (it has very small flecks of glitter, mostly matte though) highlight shade. Star Anise is a more chunky and heavy golden-brown glitter that adds a beautiful sparkly punch to a makeup look. The only way to apply this (in my opinion) is with a wet brush. Sarso is a deep metallic eggplant. Clove is a blackened eggplant purple that initially applies quite light but is very buildable.

Suva Beauty Hydraliners ($12 each)

Suva Beauty’s Hydraliners are described as: water activated cake liner with a chrome finish. Perfect for delivering intense colour to the lash line or creating face and body art

Bakwas: This hydraliner is in a soft metallic peachy-rust shade. I think this colour is absolutely stunning. Since filming my review, I have tried this out a few times and I really like how it applies with a clean eye (just set concealer and mascara) so that the liner is really the focal point of the look.

Badmash: This is also a metallic liner. It’s a deep eggplant purple tone which is really so beautiful and so wearable. I personally love deep purple tones on green eyes and so I’ve been finding myself reaching for this often day to day.

Suva Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks ($18 each)

Besharam: a deep and vibrant red lipstick

Badnam: a soft brown-toned nude lipstick

Get the full Suva Beauty Saffron Collection for $75.00 (regularly $95.00)

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