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Visionary Designer, Christian Siriano, has a Book Signing at His New Boutique, “The Curated”

A book signing for designer, Christian Siriano’s new book Dresses to Dream About was held at his new boutique “The Curated” last night on August 1.  The boutique is located on the upper East side of NYC in a historic landmark home where a grand staircase leads to the upper floors, and fireplaces laced in antique granite make for cozy sitting areas. The “homey” feeling is exactly how you feel as you enter and are greeted by his welcoming and friendly staff,  Manager Samantha, Destiny and Carl. It just makes sense that you immediately feel relaxed and not judged for  “who you are” or “how much money you have”. To say that Christian has embraced diversity is an understatement.  He has literally turned the fashion world upside down by designing for women of every size, age, color and economic background. On every celebrity red carpet, you find at least one of his dresses and whoever it is wearing it, they are a knockout.

In the gorgeous pink, is Manager Samantha, and young but going places, Destiny. They could not make you feel any more comfortable and are just as excited to be working for Christian as I was to be there.

There are not only Christian’s gowns, but fabulous accessories by very talented artists, also for sale. In case you didn’t see Duchess Kate (Middleton) at her son’s recent Christening, head pieces are trending big time, similar to the one you see on this mannequin.

The decor is also, not surprisingly, reminiscent of old time glamour, which only adds to the excitement that Christian is bringing old time Hollywood glamour back. All of us Over Fifty, miss those days, I think.

Of course gorgeous gowns are everywhere.  And not just for the tall and thin woman who can wear almost anything!! There is something for everybody, and if they don’t have it in your size, you can special order it.

Needless to say, I was SO excited to meet this man. Not just because he is a creative genius and because he has turned the fashion world upside down, but I wanted to make mention of the need to address women Over Fifty. He was actually the first designer to ever feature a new collection with Over Fifty model Roxanna Gould, another ground breaking move. I suggested that he put an Over Fifty model on the runway, and have her look both glamorous AND sexy, rather than frumpy and dowdy which is all we have seen from other designers. At least, I hope I planted a seed, because all of us need for society to see as visible, viable and sexy!!  If we can change this, it will be a huge help in shifting the paradigm of woman Over Fifty being seen as invisible.


Here I am with gorgeous Samantha, the store Manager. I love her pin dresss, but can never figure out what to call it. Is it melon? I am wearing purchases I have made at Sample Sales while I have been in NYC. The belt is by Altazurra and the skirt by Bottega Veneta, all for about $125.00. As a blogger, I am supposed to post on Instagram every day, not happening!!  Besides, I don’t care how many designers send me clothes, it gets expensive. So last season or not, being able to afford things from high end designers is such a treat.

I invited my new BFF, Ashleigh, from my FIT Fashion Drawing Class with Steven Broadway.  When it comes to fashion everyone is the same age at heart!! She just got a job at Barney’s and I expect big things from her. Here Christian is signing her book and you can see how excited she is.

Another wonderful addition to this great event was another book signing by the celebrity stylist, Micaela Erlanger. Micaela works with many celebrities and Christian. She is not only beautiful, but you can just tell how talented she must be.  I started reading her book last night, How to Accessorize A Perfect Finish to Every Outfit.  It has great styling tips, which heaven knows, we all could use.  Her suit is from Christian’s pre-Fall collection that is coming out next week.  Love it!!

What a wonderful heartwarming experience. Albert Einstein said genius is not about intelligence, it is about creativity. When you are around Christian is just so normal, but you just know his creative wheels are always turning. His new boutique, his book and this event, were a dream come true. I am so grateful to have been included.  And his book, is out of his world. It is a definite coffee table conversation piece. You inner child will be so excited to look at all of the fantasy and glamour.  I can’t wait to see what he does next. Thanks to all of his staff.


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