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WDYWT Rule Change Survey : streetwear

Feedback here will go to the impending rule updates that I am drafting right now. We do ask that you sign into your google account, to make sure only 1 form is submitted per person, but your actual email won’t be collected or tied to the response. Including your username is optional, but it will impact the credibility/how seriously we take the last free response question, and could open you up as a potential candidate for 1 on 1 feedback/discussion before we actually implement the changes.

Responses to feedback (will be edited as the day goes on)

/u/Florxxxxxx suggested: I like option 1, but don’t like whitelisters being limited to one day a week, because having a whitelisted person in the megathread would increase megathread competition to be put into the “Best of WDYWT” monthly threads, which, as someone not whitelisted but posts the occasional picture in the megathread, is something I want to make as often as I can.

To clarify, “Whitelist Wednsday” would mean that they can only post “inspo worthy” outfits on the front page on that particular day. Every other day, they are encouraged to post in the megathreads along with everyone else.

/u/Posixxxxxx suggested: The idea that the whitelist is somehow curated, doesn’t really make sense to me. Whitelisters = effort, if we’re being honest, low quality = streetwear wannabe/too new to the streetwear game. The way to counteract the latter I think is to synergise with other applications? Like for example make a r/streetwear Instagram handled by one of the mods. It’s a much easier platform to understand, leave the whitelisters here to drive people to want to be ‘like them’. Because if I’m honest, megathreads are seldom used here that much, from what I’ve seen anyway. Honestly though I have no idea. When the whole whitelister thing never existed and low quality stuff was getting to the front page that was more indicative of the subscribers rather than the content itself.

We do have a r/streetwear instagram! it’s @redditstreetwear. Our good mod u/MrRikka runs it and takes pictures he likes from the megathread, front page, and discord. Originally our sub only had a megathread, and that was when it was a much smaller sub than it is now. And back then, it worked. Really well actually. We had maybe 3-4x the amount of interaction on those threads daily than we do now, with 1/10 the amount of total subscribers. Ideally, we’d like to make the megathread the “norm” again, and make the “whitelist” a much smaller aspect of the sub, as it should be, without undermining the work users put into being whitelisted in a first place. I do agree that the whitelist in general was a mistake though, we’re just trying to make the best of it right now.

/u/grunxxxxxx suggested: ALLOW MEMES

That’s in the works! We’re thinking of making a “Meme Monday” so this sub can have a bit of fun every once in a while without making the entire sub a shitshow of just memes.

/u/thebxxxxxx suggested: regardless, the whitelist restricts people from posting, without a whitelist it allows the community to upvote what they actually enjoy to see, for a 700k sub there should be more activity and the whitelist stops this

Right now, we’re trying to go back to the root idea that reddit is a forum and that the goal should be discussion. Discussion type posts naturally get less visibility due to being harder to digest, but these posts also are what the sub should be catered for and provide the most value to the subreddit. In otherwords, we don’t want to force activity for the sake of activity on the front page; rather, the goal is to have the front page be more similar to forums, where the majority of content are discussion type posts.

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