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Well, today is the first day that I go back to work. That was a very short-lived retirement. Lol! Joe seems happy that I will be back out there but I told him not to get too happy because I don’t intend to make it permanent. He just laughs and keeps singing the theme song from Welmoce Back Kotter. Do you remember that show? It was a sitcom back in the 70’s and I thought it was fabulous and that Vinnie Barbarino was the coolest and cutest boy that there was. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | WELCOME BACK | FASHION OVER 40 I went back and watched a couple of snippets from some of those shows and I can’t believe that I even watched that much less, that I thought it was funny. That is just like when I go back and watch the movie Top Gun. I will just shake my head and think how cheesy that it looks. I remember going to the movie theatre to watch it back before Joe and I even got married. That seems like forever ago!!! I can remember how the fighting scenes with the airplanes seemed so real because the theatre had the noise so loud. Of course, once I mentioned the movie I had to go to YouTube and watch the opening dogfight scene. Joe came in while I was watching it and was confused. He said, “what are you doing?” and so I told him I was watching Top Gun. That confused him even more. Lol!!! I didn’t bother to tell him that I was writing about it on the blog. Lol! I just let him wonder about that.50 IS NOT OLD | WELCOME BACK | FASHION OVER 40 This blue check top is much brighter than it looks. It was really bright and sunny out so the camera was picking up all the light and it is overexposed. If you want to see the true color of the top then go to this post last May. It is a top from Denim & Company from QVC. I love cobalt blue and I love a check print, so this top was a win-win for me. It also has some cute feminine details that keep it from looking like a lumberjack print. Although it does look a little like a tablecloth. Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | WELCOME BACK | FASHION OVER 40Do you like my jewelry today? Well, I have some bad news for you then. All of this has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. I really hate that about the necklace because it was one of my favorites. The great thing is that I have been getting in a lot of new items but it takes a while for all of my pictures to get used before the new items reach the blog. Maybe that will be what my video is about on Friday. I could show you all of my newer pieces. What do you think? But, don’t forget about this month’s giveaway since this is the last week to take advantage of it. I have been celebrating my 3 year blog anniversary by offering a free piece of jewelry with every 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) for this entire month! Go here and have fun shopping! Make sure that you pick a party with my name in it so that I can track the purchases.50 IS NOT OLD | WELCOME BACK | FASHION OVER 40 I have on a pair of suede ballet slippers that are looking pretty faded. They are quite this faded, remember the light was messing with the camera, but I do need to get a new pair before long. When I first bought these they bothered me at the heel because of the elastic. But, I wore them for short periods and the elastic relaxed and they are very comfortable now. Just keep that in mind when you are looking at the type ballet shoes that have elastic in the back.

50 IS NOT OLD | WELCOME BACK | FASHION OVER 40I have got to go through my jeans and get rid of a bunch of them. I have gotten so many new jeans in the last couple of years that my closet is running over with jeans. I love the raw-hem jeans but I am aware that they will be a trend and then disappear before long. So, that is why I choose to buy most of them from Old Navy. I like their jeans and they are very affordable. When I am buying a trend I don’t want to make an “investment” so these fit the bill for me.

50 IS NOT OLD | WELCOME BACK | FASHION OVER 40Today is the last day to become a consultant with Rodan + Fields and get 3 FREE Redefine Travel Regimens. Let’s talk saturation, shall we? I have heard soooo many people tell me that they would consider going into business with Rodan + Fields but they know a couple of other people who already do it.

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I had SIRI randomly pick the winner of the Vince Camuto Vegan Leather handbag and it was……….Linda Manuel!!! Congratulations, Linda, I will be sending you an email about this.

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