There are some days when you should have stayed in bed. I know all of you have had one or two of these type days and my most recent one was last Friday. I had a ton of things to do on Friday, and by the end of the day, I was thrilled to fall into bed finally. I was traveling to the Atlanta area to visit my sister, so I started the day off by trying to get everything packed and loaded into my car. I am one of those people who will wait until the morning I am leaving before I pack. I take a picture every day if possible, so I have to pack several outfits and pick out the jewelry and shoes also.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY DO YOU WANT A SLIM FITTING TOP | FASHION OVER 40 I packed everything and got the car loaded when my daughter called. She decided to meet me at my sisters which was fabulous. However, she also decided that I needed to pack and load a lot of her things and bring them to her. She has been living with my mom and dad and wanted more of her things. By the time she finished with her list of things she wanted me to do, I was pooped. My car wouldn’t hold everything without me taking Emersyn’s car seat out of the back seat. I finally pulled and tugged until I got the seat unbuckled and started taking it out. The car seat is huge and weighs a lot, so I was having a little trouble getting it out of the car. I was backing up, and the next thing I knew, I had backed up into a broken Foo Dog that we had replaced the other day. Joe had put my new Foo Dog by the door, and he had moved the broken one to the side to throw away. I backed up and fell backward over the Foo Dog and fell on my rear into a rose bush and a puddle of water. I had to go in and change clothes before I could even leave. Finally, once I got on the road, I decided to take a shortcut to make up some time since I kept having delays. I should have known better! It was a two-lane road, and I got behind a semi coal truck….going SIX miles an hour. That was about the time when I started laughing and decided to play like Elsa and “Let It Go!” I’ll get there when I get there was my new attitude, and amazingly, after that, the day seemed to get better.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY DO YOU WANT A SLIM FITTING TOP | FASHION OVER 40 It was freezing at the horse show that I attended, and I hadn’t packed for the arctic tundra. My sister gave me a jacket to throw on, and I stopped and bought a pair of gloves. But, you know me, I found a place to shop even at the horse show. LOL! I bought this Noble Outfitters Cozy Cowl Neck Fleece top, and it was so soft and warm. It is an equestrian brand, but anyone can wear this. The rear hem is longer for extra coverage when you are sitting which will eradicate any “plumber’s crack” looks. Hahaha! I like the slim fit design because that helps to keep the cold weather from touching your skin.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY DO YOU WANT A SLIM FITTING TOP | FASHION OVER 40 And, you can see that it also comes with the thumb slits to keep the sleeves in place. This feature is great if you wear a coat or jacket over the top. I don’t have any jewelry on except for my Tessie earrings. I forgot all of my earrings that I had laid out to bring with me; they are still on my dresser at home. But, the Tessie earrings go perfectly with this top because of the rope cord that is at the neckline. It is almost like I did that on purpose. Lol! I love happy little accidents like that.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY DO YOU WANT A SLIM FITTING TOP | FASHION OVER 40 You can see from my hair that it was a little windy as well as cold. I have on the same (dusty) boots that I wore in yesterday’s post, so go check that out if you are interested in finding others like them. I am wearing a pair of skinny jeans from Old Navy. I like buying any of my “trendy” jeans from Old Navy because they are affordable. I realize that a trend might not be in fashion but three to five years, so I don’t want to spend a fortune on them. There are a wide variety of styles at Old Navy which is categorized by body type making it easier to figure out which one will fit you best. Go here to shop for their jeans. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHY DO YOU WANT A SLIM FITTING TOP | FASHION OVER 40Don’t forget that I am offering all of you a Valentines Day deal on Lash Boost. When you order Lash Boost as a Preferred Customer (new or existing), I will reimburse you $20.00 off your purchase price. ❤️ 💋  💌 Lash Boost makes the perfect Valentines gift, and remember to treat yourself! Here is how you can get your own lashes, and at a fantastic price. Click on this link, add the product to your cart and go to checkout. Then, make sure that you click the box that says JOIN PC PERKS in order to become a PC (preferred customer) and get the discount from me. Then fill out the billing and shipping info, and you are on your way to beautiful lashes! This special is good until February 14th.

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