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5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 1

By Olivia Williams Jones

No matter how long I’ve lived in this beautiful country, its untamed nature never ceases to amaze me, hence our family tradition to roam the wilderness whenever we possibly can. It does come with its challenges and setbacks, but as soon as we start exploring, all those troubles fade away – and for a mom whose kids are active and curious, that’s a precious feeling!

If you’re looking to see more of Australia, with your family or your friends, you will want to know about those perfect camping spots, and the following five should be on top of your bucket list.

Cape Range National Park

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 2 Cape Range NP

For those among you who are looking into Australia’s national parks, of which there are literally over five hundred, it’s close to impossible to pick a single destination worthy of your trip. Plus, prepare that you’ll always want to see more and come back to the same locations for their breathtaking beauty. Once such example is this extraordinary gorge-laden national park in Western Australia, which is often overlooked for its more famous counterparts. And yet – it’s a slice of paradise for families!

Our personal favorite is camping out on the coast, on Tulki beach, which holds 11 camping spots. A friendly warning: as easy to reach as this spot is, you’ll need your own water supplies and you’ll have to postpone showers, so perhaps more versed wilderness family campers will prefer it. Fall asleep under a clear sky, listening to the crashing waves and far, far away from anything urban.

The East coast

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 3 TheByronBay

A more relaxed pick filled with many entertainment and sightseeing options to keep even the fussiest kids occupied, we are very proud of the coastal scenery on the East side of the continent. The best perk? You can even move your journey offshore to some of the best islands in the region, including the famous Fraser Island, and explore the enchanting Whitsunday islands with the help of Scamper boats.

You’ll also get to see the lovely Cairns and Byron Bay, both of which have some great camping spots that are family friendly. Cairns has many well-equipped camping areas for those of you who like to have all the amenities available, while staying just outside of town in Kuranda State Forest is a more “untamed” option.

The many faces of the Gold Coast

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 4 Springbrook Falls

Although this little coastal gem technically belongs to the East coast region, it deserves a separate mention here simply because of the level of versatility it offers to campers of all ages and preferences. Yes, that includes you glampers, too, as well as rainforest enthusiasts! The Settlement in the Springbrook National Park is where you’ll find mesmerizing hidden waterfalls and get a chance to hike in nature to your heart’s content.

The key to remember here is that whichever vehicle you choose to roam around in, the roads change swiftly from sandy to paved and rugged in the forest-covered area. If you want to make sure your car can handle it and you’re strapped for time, you can call a reliable mobile mechanic in the Gold Coast to make sure you’re all set for the road. Traveling with kids means we always have to take extra precautions, and it’s worth the effort!

Victoria’s Snowy River

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 5 Snowy River

If you’re staying in Melbourne or another urban hotspot in Victoria, this is your perfect chance to see more of this splendid region. A less known location that is perfect both for families and lovers of camping, the Snowy River is the place to go, even though you’d also need to pack your water supply and be willing to spend your time without a flushable toilet nearby. As a part of yet another national park, you can expect to be dazzled by every single sight on the road and upon your arrival to McKillops Bridge.

Fishing fans can find various allowed spots in the vicinity, but make sure you have obtained the needed permits to fish on the premises. Canoes and rafts are another way to explore the area, but always check the forecast to make sure you won’t encounter difficult weather.

The heart of Australia

5 Unforgettable Camping Spots in Australia 6 AliceSprings

I honestly think that no worthy Aussie itinerary would be complete without mentioning the epic journey into the red center of the country, where all of its timeless heritage and pristine natural wonders intertwine into a remarkable experience. This is where you’ll see the true outback of Australia, from the famous postcard-worthy Uluru and Kata Tjuta, all the way to Kings Canyon.

You can choose from a variety of intact camping areas, or designated camping and caravan parks with other people sharing the area in case you’d prefer not to be alone. For families on the go, since this is considered one of the best attractions Australia can offer, people with kids travel during school holidays and tend to book in advance – and I’d advise the same for you.


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